Monthly Archives: September 2015

16 09, 2015

Some Notes on Self-Editing

Whether you’re  posting a status update on Facebook or publishing on a leading syndication website, trivial grammatical and factual errors can cost you your reputation. These lapses can easily make you look unprofessional. It affects you the same way a strand of hair affects the impression and integrity of a seemingly well-cooked dish.

Although editors will go through your copy for polishing one last time, it […]

14 09, 2015

The Adjective Addiction

A writer can do several horrible things to a reader. There’s confusion, boredom, and outright deceit as some of the most prolific tools of literary torture every writer has at their disposal. The worst part is that most readers have very little idea it’s going on, all because of the cunning use of adjectives.

The story of the adjective is a tragic one, as it always […]