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14 03, 2016

Should You Write that Topic? 3 Questions to Ask

A good article starts with a good topic, and a good topic is what turns an average user into a reader. No matter how smart you think you are about grammar and punctuation, nobody would want to read your writing if it doesn’t show promise right from the start.

Topics are similar to light bulbs. You need to switch them on for them to work. While […]

8 03, 2016

What is Right in Writing? Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

“Stop trying to be a grammar Nazi!”

This is what people would tell us whenever we see posts on social media full of grammatical mistakes. We’re not suffering from pedantry syndrome; we just find it disturbing to see an error and not do anything about it. We find it disturbing. Seriously.

For any writer, it’s a great embarrassment to have errors on your blog. Wrong use […]