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12 08, 2016

Three Cs to Beating the Modern Reader’s Short Attention Span

It’s interesting to note that the way readers view digital content differs from how traditional print media is consumed. A recent study by the Nielsen Norman Group, which tracked the eye motions while reading online content reveals an F-shaped pattern – two horizontal stripes followed by a single vertical one. F for fast, apparently, as the study demonstrates that in a matter of seconds, a […]

5 08, 2016

The 4 Basic Rules to Proper Capitalization

Capitalization is important for us to tell what a proper noun is and where does a sentence start. It gives meaning to any word we use in a sentence. There are many rules to follow and they all depend on the language and style you prefer or need to use.

Here are some rules that every writer (and aspiring ones) should know:

Rule #1 – Capitalize the […]