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30 11, 2016

Search Your Feelings, You Know Them to Be Effective in Writing

For some people, the secret to good writing lies in the grammar. If you know proper apostrophe placement makes a big difference, you’re in good hands. Others think it’s the topic. Writing about a common topic from a unique angle makes you a better writer, apparently.

But if you’re the type who wishes to truly engage audiences, you need not dig deep. Or maybe you should. […]

7 11, 2016

The Next Top Web Writer: Do You Have What It Takes?

What makes a great content writer?

It’s a question everyone needs an answer to, especially those already in the field. The question covers either one of two scopes: how to become one, or how to get one in the business.

Great web content guarantees great results—and that is the primary goal. Not all content writers, however, have similar writing skills. Some will be better than others. So, […]