23 03, 2017

When to Use Which Preposition: Grammar Rules to Live by

Every part of a sentence is important. If a word doesn’t add value, you can remove it. That’s a valuable lesson that PayPerContent writers learn and apply to their writing styles. However, here are some parts of the sentence that simply cannot be removed. Even if they look simple.

Imagine a life without prepositions. Those short words–in, on, at, of–may not seem like much, but they […]

20 01, 2017

Books on Writing and Living: What Every Aspiring Writer Should Be Reading

As a writer, you may be assigned to write about something you’re not familiar with. You may encounter some terms you find hard to use, and some situations you haven’t experienced. But the thing about being a writer is that you use your words to describe everything: appearances, expressions, emotions, and surroundings. And if you don’t know what you’re writing about, your readers will know.
It’s […]

27 10, 2016

Quitting Your Job to Travel: What You Should Know

If you’re a 20-something or 30-something Millennial, it’s not strange if you feel a bit burned out. Several young people tend feel discontent with 9-to-5 corporate desk jobs. Some say it’s due to their youth, as well as the insatiable appetite for dynamics usually associated with the age brackets. As a result, many Millennials opt to quit their jobs for more ‘active’ ventures. One of […]

28 07, 2016

What Say You? The Importance of Questioning in Writing Good Content

In Isaac Asimov’s short story “The Last Question,” a question from a simple wager is asked through billions of years, culminating in a somewhat satisfying, but ultimately ambiguous, conclusion. In this story (reportedly Asimov’s favorite) the question was how to reverse the imminent heat death of the universe.

Questions, arguably, drive the bulk of human daily interaction, especially open-ended questions that provide insight into another’s motivation […]

6 04, 2016

Hook Your Readers: Write Attention-Grabbing Blog Introductions

Getting someone to read and understand your article should always be your goal. A critical part of this is to write strong introductions. A great opening paragraph makes a great first impression. Just like first impressions when you’re on a job interview or on a blind date, where you have to make a small talk and create a connection, your introduction must be catchy and […]

14 03, 2016

Should You Write that Topic? 3 Questions to Ask

A good article starts with a good topic, and a good topic is what turns an average user into a reader. No matter how smart you think you are about grammar and punctuation, nobody would want to read your writing if it doesn’t show promise right from the start.

Topics are similar to light bulbs. You need to switch them on for them to work. While […]

8 03, 2016

What is Right in Writing? Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

“Stop trying to be a grammar Nazi!”

This is what people would tell us whenever we see posts on social media full of grammatical mistakes. We’re not suffering from pedantry syndrome; we just find it disturbing to see an error and not do anything about it. We find it disturbing. Seriously.

For any writer, it’s a great embarrassment to have errors on your blog. Wrong use […]

29 10, 2015

No More Writing Mistakes with Grammarly

Our webdev team is currently putting the final touches on our Beta Portal. The latest addition will enable the PayPerContent writers to create the article on the Portal itself. You won’t have to upload anything either when you’re done writing. Just click send and grab another task!

As you won’t be using MSWord eventually, we found a way to help you ensure that your article is grammar-error […]