Content Market Place Rates

DA BetweenPrice per blog posting (we write the post)
10 - 19$10-$19
20 - 29$20-$29
30 - 39$30-$39
40 - 49$40-$49
50 - 59$50-$59
60 - 69$60-$69
70 - 100$70-$100
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    With competitive rates, a supportive editorial staff, and many niches to choose from, you’ll surely love producing well-written, engaging, and shareable content that helps businesses succeed. 

    We write blogs on any conceivable topic from web design to lasers, real estate to cloud computing. We may not write novels, but our wordsmiths forge brands; and our poetry is their business.

    We build worlds in words. We are PayPerContent.

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