Online Copywriting Jobs for Writers

PayPerContent has a place for talented copywriters who can whip up the right words that would earn the trust of clients’ customers and persuade them to buy the client’s products or services. If you’re that kind of writer, look forward to competitive pay plus other benefits when you join our team.

About Writing Web Copy for Businesses

Our online copywriting job involves producing high-quality online copy for businesses belonging to various industries. A website copy serves as the core text that walks people through the site and provides them with the information they need to know about a particular product or service. Writers assigned to do a web copy should use words that will attract site visitors and keep them engaged. The copy should convince them to purchase the product or service offered by the business.

Web copywriting, when done effectively, is beneficial to business owners. Quality copy is an important ingredient in establishing a bond with customers. It helps to gain the customers’ trust and sustain their loyal patronage. It contributes to the overall SEO efforts, as it adds value to the website and improves website rankings.

Advantages of a Home-Based Copywriting Job

Individuals who want a career in copywriting usually have to get a college degree in marketing, advertising, communications, or English, and land a job in a creative agency. Alternatively, you have the option to go freelance and take a home-based online copywriting job. Apart from not having to commute to work regularly, being a freelance work-from-home copywriter offers the following perks:
Job Flexibility

Copywriters in an ad agency have to follow company-specific guidelines in producing a copy. When you’re a home-based online copywriter, this restriction doesn’t exist. You are free to choose the kind of copywriting job you want.

Work-Life Balance

Since you don’t adhere to the standard 9-5 shift of employees, you can perform your copywriting jobs whenever you want. Once you’re done with your copy, you can spend more time with your friends, family, pets, or hobbies.

Great Income Source

As a freelance web copywriter, you can make as much money as you want.

Becoming a Better Online Copywriter

Crafting a compelling copy takes skill and practice. If you want to produce an effective copy that persuades readers to act, take note of these suggestions:

Be Concise

Did you know that you only have seven seconds to grab the attention of your visitor? If you’re going to take a web copywriting job, use short but powerful sentences and paragraphs to hold their attention.

Make Your Copy Scannable

Online readers often scan content instead of reading it word per word. You can improve your copy by using formatting techniques, such as creating numbered lists, to make the content easy to skim.

Use the Active Voice

Forming your sentences using this structure makes your copy easy to understand and naturally more interesting.

What’s Involved in Writing Web Copy

When we assign you with a web copywriting job, you’re expected to do the following:

  • Understand and take note of the details in the client brief
  • Write grammatically correct, concise, and clear web copy based on the client brief
  • Maintain a consistent and clear tone and brand voice

Requirements in Writing Web Copy

Unlike writing articles and blogs, our standards are higher for individuals who want a home-based freelance online copywriting job. We’re looking for copywriters who:

  • Have a Good Grasp of the English Language
  • Write with the Proper Brand Voice and Tone
  • Understands and Follows Web Copy Instructions
  • Are Highly Imaginative and Creative
  • Have an Eye for Detail
  • Can Work Under Pressure

An Exciting Career Is in Store
for Web Copywriters

Look forward to a competitive rate, along with additional incentives, when you join our talented writing team. It’s open to anyone who’s interested and meets our qualifications.

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