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Love producing how-tos, listicles, tips, and other related articles?
Our online blog writing job may be for you. PayPerContent offers a range of benefits to successful candidates.

About Writing Blogs

Writing blogs, specifically guest blogs, is a way to boost traffic to other sites. Individuals writing guest blogs as their freelance job create content for blog sites they don’t own. It’s an opportunity for them to take their expertise and share it with others.

The benefits of writing blogs are numerous. One advantage is that it fortifies the backlink profile of a business website. Backlinks from an authoritative blog greatly contribute to overall SEO efforts. They make the content more indexable and discoverable to search engines, such as Google and Bing. Additionally, they help grow a business’ social media following and generate social media shares.

Why Become a Home-Based Blog Writer?

Various options are available if you want to pursue a writing career. You can get a relevant college degree to land a writing job, get certifications to build up your credentials as a writer, or do internships at magazines. If you want a fast (and potentially lucrative) way of getting into the writing industry, however, you can start as a freelance writer and apply for home-based blog writing jobs. Blogging, as a career, provides some benefits, including:

Additional (or Main Source of) Income

Money is one of the major benefits of freelance blog writing. Some writers produce blogs to supplement their existing income. Others treat their online writing job as full-time work. Regardless of the amount of time you spend writing, the money you earn will help you pay your everyday expenses.

Variety of Topics

When you are writing blogs, you’re not limited to a single subject. Unless the client specifies a requirement, you’re usually free to work with a topic that’s in line with your interests and preferences.

You Are Your Own Boss

In an ideal freelance writing setup, no supervisor hounds you with deadlines and deliverables daily. You are in control of the amount of work that you want to do in a day.

Improving Your Blog Writing Skills

Want that home-based job writing blogs? You need to write posts that people will want to read. If you want to take your blog writing skill to the next level, take note of these tips:

Come up with a Good Blog Title

Make your headlines catchy and engaging to encourage people to read your whole blog post.

Keep Your Paragraphs Concise

Long and complex paragraphs can bore your readers and make reading your blog difficult. As much as possible, keep your sentences brief and straight to the point.

Proofread Before Submitting

Take time to scan your blog post for any glaring errors and fix them as soon as you can.

How Blog Writers Receive Their Payment?

Blog writers who satisfactorily produce the blog posts required by their client usually get paid via PayPal, a well-known global online payment system. Opening a PayPal account is easy, as all you need is an email address.

What’s Involved in Writing Blogs

Here’s an overview of what writers would be doing if they’re interested in producing guest blogs:

  • Get to know your target audience
  • Research and write content for the audience
  • Make the content interesting, engaging, and shareable to social media users
  • Insert our provided keyword

Blog Writing Requirements

Those who want to apply for our guest blog writing job should meet the following requirements:

  • Have Excellent English Writing Skills
  • Can Write for Various Industries
  • Good Time Management and Research Skills
  • Can Produce Interesting, Helpful, and Shareable Blogs Related to Our Client’s Products or Services

We Reward Well-Written Blogs

PayPerContent compensates writers from across the globe who can produce guest blogs that clients love. Expect competitive rates, a helpful editorial team, and additional incentives when you join our talented team of writers.

We write blogs on any conceivable topic from web design to lasers, real estate to cloud computing. We may not write novels, but our wordsmiths forge brands; and our poetry is their business.

We build worlds in words. We are PayPerContent.

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