Guest Blog Posting Services

With just a few clicks, you can build a formidable backlink profile with premium guest post services.

Guest Blogging Made Absolutely Easy

Building backlinks is essential, but we know it can take a fair bit of legwork. So we’re taking the load off your shoulders. We do the work, you reap the results.

Our guest blog posting services generate rich, relevant articles containing your keywords that we publish in authoritative blogging sites. It’s natural, white-hat, and effective. Not only will you fortify your client’s backlink profile, but their sites will also get traffic from blog readers.

Sounds simple and straightforward? It is, if you work with ordinary guest blog submission services.

But at Paypercontent, we take things up a notch.

Never Worry About Content Quality

Our writers are trained to insert keywords organically and inconspicuously in articles. These aren’t “made for links” blog entries. These provide value, follow strict editorial standards, and engage the readers.

No Need to Evaluate Each Site

Don’t waste hours surfing the net for good sites. We’ll search and choose the site that will publish the work. Just like our articles, we follow standards when choosing blogs, selecting only those with domain authorities of 10-50 and beyond.

Leave the “reaching Out” Part to Us

Liaising is the tricky part of guest post blogging, but our services have it covered. You don’t have to contact blog admins only to have your messages sit in an inbox unopened. Paypercontent has a working relationship with our bloggers that we leverage to the fullest.

Build Robust Links in Authentic Sites

Outsourced guest blogging services produce impressive results if executed perfectly. And Paypercontent doesn’t do it any other way.

Authentic Sites

By authentic, we mean real sites that were not built for the purpose of building links. Google knows that the goal of good sites is to provide valuable content to readers. That’s why we publish articles on these kinds of blogs, and these kinds of blogs only.

Authority of the Domain

Not all sites are created equal—some are more authoritative than others. We choose from a wide range of blogs with good traffic and a high domain authority. This makes your links of higher quality in the eyes of Google.

Audience that’s Targeted

We publish articles in sites with a targeted readership, so the viewers will be interested in what a gust post says about your brand. We work with a curated list of blogs in various industries, from lifestyle to legal, marketing to manufacturing.

How Does It Work?

Order Your Links

Fill out the form for our premium guest posting service.

We Choose a Blog

We choose the most appropriate site and reach out to them.

We Write the Content

Our writers produce an engaging, well-researched article with your keyword seamlessly weaved in.

We Submit

We submit the article to the chosen blog for publishing.

You Earn a Link

You get a notification. Your backlink profile is now one link stronger.

Prices and Packages

The price of our guest posting packages depends on the quantity of links you’ll purchase, as well as the domain authority of the sites you want to publish in.

For a more detailed quote, get in touch with us!


Do you provide the keywords?

No; we ask for this from you. As a guest post service provider, we’ll create the article, insert your keyword naturally, and work with the blogsite owner on publishing it on their great website.

How will I know if my link is published?

We’ll notify you! Once an article is published, we’ll inform you so you can see your client’s shiny new backlink for yourself.

What industries do you cover?

Anything you can think of, really. We’ve worked with schools, restaurats, big finance guys, pump manufacturers, app developers, dog groomers, and golf pros. Our network of partners is pretty impressive.

We write blogs on any conceivable topic from web design to lasers, real estate to cloud computing. We may not write novels, but our wordsmiths forge brands; and our poetry is their business.

We build worlds in words. We are PayPerContent.

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