How a Freelance Writer Should Set Up Their Office

How a Freelance Writer Should Set Up Their Office

Would you be surprised to learn that in 2005 there were only 10.3 million freelancers in the U.S.? Today, however, a third of America’s workforce belongs to the freelancing group. As it is such a large part of today’s economy, it is essential that freelancers are as productive as possible.

Working from home has the benefits of not wasting time on a commute, but you can’t get much done by just lying in bed. Having a designated workspace, with the right aesthetics, ensures you achieve optimal productivity.


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You may be thinking, ‘What does it matter what my office looks like?’ Well, it matters quite a lot. According to the University of Texas, bland colors, such as gray and beige, induce feelings of depression and who wants to work when they’re sad?

Natural and calming colors, conversely, create a relaxed feeling that makes us happier and more willing to work. Pale blues complement earthy greens and browns to create an atmosphere to aid focus.

Incorporate Nature

Try and get an office with a view. Stress reduces productivity, so take a few seconds now and then to look out of the window at nature. If you don’t have a view, put up posters of natural scenery as this will have a similar effect.

A houseplant can boost morale and therefore help improve productivity without being distracting. Plants will also help to keep the air clean, which will increase the oxygen flow to your brain and reduce fatigue.

Minimizing Distractions

Your desk should be fairly empty and well organized. As a writer, you can do most of your work on the laptop, so only keep books or files that are strictly necessary. While you may not be tempted to lift up that old Harry Potter book during work hours, its mere presence could cause an unnecessary distraction.

Create Clear Boundaries

Minimalism should extend to the Internet. There are plenty of paid survey services which can provide a steady income, but you’ll find it difficult to power through assignments if Facebook notifications keep popping up. You can use a website blocking service so that only work-related websites are accessible. By minimizing the amount of sites you can visit while in the office, there is no choice but to get on with work.

Ideally, you would have a laptop and phone dedicated to work. This means that when you look at your phone, the only notifications you see are for work emails, rather than something distracting.

Making it as a writer is now easier than ever. You can work in coffee shops, hotel rooms or your own bedroom. However, you need to get organized to ensure you make the most out of your time. Consider your office setup. Making it aesthetically dedicated to improving wellbeing and focus is the surest way to boost productive output.

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