22 06, 2015

Stop Writing Like an Internet Robot

The Turing Test is the assessment of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior and responses equivalent and indistinguishable from a human. These days, it’s getting more and more difficult for people to distinguish whether they’re communicating with a program or an actual person. Programmers are coming up with more intelligent algorithms that actually read the query and generate appropriate responses.
The Dawn of Cleverbots
This is […]

16 06, 2015

The 10 Elements of a Compelling Blog

We’ve been told time and again that content is king. Badly written content, however, has become a dime a dozen online that it somehow lost its royal value.

So, my dear fellow writers, the 64,000-dollar question is: How do we create blogs or content that stands out from the crowd?

In finding out how to create articles that convert, we’ve compiled what we think are the 10 […]

12 06, 2015

With a Great New Dashboard Comes Great Functionalities

No, we are not advertising a certain superhero.

It just so happens that the idea spider sounds better than a thought tree—and that PayPerContent now has amazing new features for writers.

We are so excited about it!

Image source: Columbia Pictures

With more clients requesting content, we want writers to spend less time navigating the website and more time actually writing.
PayPerContent strives for excellence. And we definitely reward those […]

14 05, 2015

Reading: The Secret to Writing Better

It’s easy—that is one of the most common misconceptions about writing. Anyone can write, granted. But to write something that offers value and intellectual insights, not everyone can do that. Every day, our writers strive to become better at their craft. And we believe there’s no other better way to do that than read.

Stephen King once said that if you don’t have time to read, […]

30 04, 2015

Riding the Idea Spider: Crawling for the Perfect Topic

When it comes right down to it, poems, novels, statements, short stories, lore, rants, tomes, comic books, etc., have one thing in common – a good idea.

Sure, the style, tone, and grammar will always play a significant part in the success of any written piece, but without the idea, they’re just random words. Need a good blog? Come up with an idea. Great. How do you do that?