Search Your Feelings, You Know Them to Be Effective in Writing

Search Your Feelings, You Know Them to Be Effective in Writing

For some people, the secret to good writing lies in the grammar. If you know proper apostrophe placement makes a big difference, you’re in good hands. Others think it’s the topic. Writing about a common topic from a unique angle makes you a better writer, apparently.

But if you’re the type who wishes to truly engage audiences, you need not dig deep. Or maybe you should. Take Darth Vader’s advice seriously: “Search your feelings. You know it to be true.”

There is Power in Emotions

writing and emotions

Feelings matter, especially in writing. Even the most technical freelance writing jobs online harness the power of emotions.

Today’s readers aren’t big fans of anything too technical. If the title says “Drug Addiction: Causes and Struggles” only, they won’t be interested (unless it’s a necessary reading). Combine that with an introduction that focuses on solid history and bid your readers goodbye.

Emotions, on the other hand, are major attention grabbers. For example, arouse curiosity by focusing on an emotional aspect of drug abuse. A story about a mother’s love-hate relationship with her drug abuser of a son is more interesting than just a discussion about drug abuse. Appeal to the readers by striking them where it hurts.

Keep Calm and Write Your Feels

While writing with emotions proves effective, overdoing it often backfires. Yes, you want to arouse the reader’s emotional response, but too much might result in a sappy, non-sense article. The feel of your article should match the topic. Otherwise, readers will be confused.

First, assess your topic and the approach. Talking about data centers and mechanical configuration can use a bit of humor, but it should focus on the technical aspect. Topics on family and relationships, on the other hand, benefit from your wellspring of emotions.

Remember, insert emotional value when necessary. Consider the topic before you go all out.

A good piece that triggers emotions will surely earn reads. If you want to write meaningful articles, search your feelings every now and then. As Darth Vader said, you know them to be true.

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