Stop Writing Like an Internet Robot

Stop Writing Like an Internet Robot

The Turing Test is the assessment of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior and responses equivalent and indistinguishable from a human. These days, it’s getting more and more difficult for people to distinguish whether they’re communicating with a program or an actual person. Programmers are coming up with more intelligent algorithms that actually read the query and generate appropriate responses.

The Dawn of Cleverbots

This is the reason people are becoming more suspicious of online articles that seem to say the same things repeatedly. No one can blame a reader for being suspicious of the origin of the article, especially if all they get is general information. Imagine being the writer of a piece that people thought came out of a program. Doesn’t feel too good, does it?

How can writers avoid sounding robotic in their articles? The answer is a bit vague, but there’s no other way to get out of this Turing predicament. The only way to stop sounding like a machine when you write is to write like YOU mean it.

Letting Brains Go

Templates are the enemy when it comes to creating fresh and creative content. This isn’t to say that people should avoid templates like the plague, but rather to be careful of depending on them too much. Readers have been consuming online articles for so long that they can almost see where the writer filled in the blanks. Insert clever quote from relevant person here, or include a recent article excerpt here, so on and so forth.

These tactics are staples in adding value to an article, but it’s very easy for a reader to determine when these insertions fit the style and spirit of the content. If the article feels disjointed, awkwardly put together, or just scattered in its message, readers will automatically think that the author is a machine.

Writers should let their brains go whenever they write, and worry about resources second; it’s easier to organize your own voice than it is to make sense of a collection of other people’s thoughts. If you think, you have a voice that doesn’t sound like Cleverbot, let us know, and share it with us.

We’re one of the few remaining content sources on the internet that still believe in the power of human writing.

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