3 Biggest Reasons to Have a Company Blog

3 Biggest Reasons to Have a Company Blog

A good blog is perhaps the most underrated marketing tool in any company’s arsenal. It is an extremely low cost channel, yet it reaches everyone who visits your website. With great writing and a little work, you will see an excellent return on the invested time and resources.

What are the major selling points of having a blog?

Generating Leads and Sales

The biggest and most attractive benefit of blogging is that it directly contributes to your bottom line. Good content and compelling calls-to-action will produce a steady stream of leads, or convince prospective customers to purchase your products and services.

In addition to converting website visitors into paying customers, an active blog is excellent for generating traffic. When done correctly, it will help your website rank better in search engines, and attract referral traffic from people who found your information to be useful.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

There are multiple ways to use a blog for the customer’s benefit. One is to create a detailed post that answers common questions – chances are, your sales team deals with these questions on a regular basis. By creating an article to address this, customers can now solve the problem by themselves, and you will have a well-written resource that you can point future inquiries towards.

Building a Brand Identity

Lastly, a blog is an excellent way to build your brand. It demonstrates your industry expertise, develops trust, and enhances your company’s visibility. You can even use it to build a network with other players in your industry. While it does take time, a blog is a marketing investment that will pay off greatly.

The most successful blogs are the ones that actually provide value to the reader. Do you want to have a fantastic blog, but do not have the time to write for it regularly? Our writing services, provided by an expert team of writers, will help.

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