The Secrets to Writing Interesting Content for Boring Topics

The Secrets to Writing Interesting Content for Boring Topics

Writers have to know how to write about boring topics, because we’re can’t always write about the things we love. Sad, but it’s true.

There’s not much we can do to make fiber optic transceivers or commercial property investment sound awesome—but as a writer, that’s no excuse to produce articles that put readers to sleep.

Take heart. Even when you’re tasked with a lackluster topic, here are some secrets to getting past that “boring” barrier and turn that snooze-worthy topic into a more engaging read (chances are you’ll be surprised at how simple it really is.

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Learn and increase your own interest in the topic.

You can’t make your topic interesting if you don’t understand it well enough to put it in your own words. So read and read and read, and know what you write. Let that be a lesson to any content writer.

More than knowing your stuff, try to tie that boring topic into something you’re passionate about. This way, you can make it interesting for you. And if you make it interesting for you, you can drag the reader along.

Choose an angle everyone can relate to.

Mean Girls became a classic not because it was about mean girls, but because of the bullying, adolescent awkwardness, friendships torn apart, and the rumor mills—things we can relate to from our years in high school and college.

In the same way, producing an interesting article requires the ability to relate to your readers, so talk about that boring subject as if it affects you, too. When people read something that’s relatable, odds are, they will be more interested in following through.

Write like you speak.

You don’t have to fill the article with business babble; you establish professionalism and credibility just by providing solid advice. So write naturally and remove the jargons that make it only difficult for readers to understand what you’re saying.

More than what’s written above, often, the best way to make a boring topic interesting is to keep on writing. The more reading, learning, investigating, writing, and living with a topic you do, the easier it will be.

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