With a Great New Dashboard Comes Great Functionalities

With a Great New Dashboard Comes Great Functionalities

No, we are not advertising a certain superhero.

It just so happens that the idea spider sounds better than a thought tree—and that PayPerContent now has amazing new features for writers.

We are so excited about it!

With more clients requesting content, we want writers to spend less time navigating the website and more time actually writing.



PayPerContent strives for excellence. And we definitely reward those who deliver. What better way to recognize your efforts than by offering ratings and helping you earn more? With a one-star rating, writers can grab tasks requiring one-star skills. Earn two stars and you can write two-star and one-star tasks. With three stars, you can grab anything!

Did we mention three-star tasks are paid higher? Aim for those three golds and see your total earnings skyrocket.

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Total Earnings and Task History

Now writers can see how much they’ve earned. See the fruits of your labor right there at the upper right hand corner of your My Tasks page. The balance shows the accumulated earnings you can expect on the next payout; the total earnings shows how much you’ve earned so far.


Just below that, you see your Task History. Never worry about forgetting what tasks you completed or cancelled again.

Task Pool

We aim to make it easier for writers. Click on the task and see the writing instructions easily.

The Task Pool also shows the amount you earn for the task, and the skills required to grab it. Same rules apply: write the article within the set deadline, wait for the editors to review it, and voila! Money earned!

We care for our writers and that’s what sets apart PayPerContent from other content providers.

We know you can write well, and we are offering you a portal that lets you focus on grabbing tasks, providing high quality content, and earning money at that.

Watch out for even more awesome features—soon.

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