Bullet Points in Web Content: Friends or Foes?

Bullet Points in Web Content: Friends or Foes?

Content is a vital element in many digital marketing strategies. It should be concise and clear to deliver the message that a brand wants to share to their consumers. But as the attention span of Internet users gets shorter as time goes by, there’s now a challenge to create web content that is quick to scan and easy to digest at the same time. No wonder most online content writers like using bullet points in their articles. But aren’t bullet points boring to read?

Counter-Intuitive Approach

It is already given that details written in bullet points are easy to read, but how can they catch the attention of the readers and encourage them to read the rest of the article? Well, use counter-intuitive bullet point entries. Here’s an example:

  • Why You Should NEVER List Product Features on Bullet Points

With a counter-intuitive approach, you can pique the curiosity of readers. Reading the word “never” could make them worried about how they were using bullet points wrong all this time. In turn, they’ll be encouraged to read the rest of the article.

Bullet Points

Features Vs Benefits

Most writers list product features in bullet points, and they even make the features sound technical to impress their readers. However, this way of using bullet points is not really effective. More often than not, the readers would just scan over these superfluous details without really understanding them. On the other hand, if you list product benefits instead of features, you will more likely get the attention of your readers. After all, readers mostly focus on “what’s in it for them”.

Bullet points will only look boring if you get lazy on creating them. But as long as you use them properly, bullet points are your solid friends when writing web content.

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