Thanks to Content Demand, Writing Became a Sustainable Job

Thanks to Content Demand, Writing Became a Sustainable Job

Writing for a publication is a noble profession. You get to inform and influence people—for the better, hopefully—and you don’t really get in anyone’s way. But, journalism isn’t really profitable for a writer. Sure, you can slog your way to the top, but in the publication industry, those in the executive positions tend to stay in there long. No one’s a shoo-in as the next in line, adding to the uncertainty.

Content writing, however, is a different proposition. It’s not as noble, but it is profitable, which is what most people who need a source of living is willing to sacrifice. The rise of marketing demanded writers, and because of it, you can sustain a lifestyle just by writing a couple of mid-length and informative articles per day. That’s what our freelance writers do at PayPerContent, and we still manage to create content despite the less traditional working arrangement.

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Willing to Pay More

Everyone who made the switch from journalism to online content writing jobs will agree about the one big disparity between the two: you can earn more writing content. It’s so in demand and abundant that companies are willing to pay more to get a consistent supply of well-written content.

Due to marketing getting much bigger every year, content writers will always be in demand. Whether as a side job or your main source of income, we are certain that you can earn good money with us.

It’s the industry standard in journalism to pay a small amount of premium to their writers. On the other hand, the premium in content writing is considerably higher. While it’s clear that you’ll earn more with the latter, nobody’s saying you should drop journalism completely. At PayPerContent, since you’ll be a home-based writer, you’ll have all the time in the world to start your own blog or pursue other journalism-related activities.

If you’re interested, take the exam as soon as possible so you can get started quickly. It’ll take some time before you fully get used to writing at home, but the rewards will be satisfying nonetheless.

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