Quitting Your Job to Travel: What You Should Know

Quitting Your Job to Travel: What You Should Know

If you’re a 20-something or 30-something Millennial, it’s not strange if you feel a bit burned out. Several young people tend feel discontent with 9-to-5 corporate desk jobs. Some say it’s due to their youth, as well as the insatiable appetite for dynamics usually associated with the age brackets. As a result, many Millennials opt to quit their jobs for more ‘active’ ventures. One of these is traveling the world full time.

We at PayPerContent know the type. Since they stopped earning salaries, they resorted to alternative forms of income like article writing jobs to fund their lifestyles. Quitting a corporate job to travel full time seems like a quintessential Millennial’s dream. Butis it really such a dream proposition?

Travel the World

Mixed Reactions and Various Challenges

Face it: not everyone would be thrilled. You will likely face questions about your financial security, your safety, and even job security (should you decide to apply for a new job). Much of this concern is likely to come from your kin. If you ever decide to quit your job and be a full-time traveler, prepare yourself for such reactions.

It’s natural for you to face doubts. And from these come another reality: you might be more stressed on the road than you were in the office. Obviously, the irony is glaring. Whatever comes, you’ll still have to work. This is where you’re likely to miss your comfy desk back home. One night, you were working in air-conditioned comfort. Then, you’re working in a relatively obscure part of the world; maybe in the jungle. Sans freelance job security, stress can mount up and ruin your days—endless bouts of planning itineraries, booking hotels, and whatnot. It can get overwhelming.

Humans as Natural Nomads

Are humans hard wired to move about? Perhaps, but not necessarily in the way you might think. Your brain is predisposed to seek literally greener pastures: the countryside. Wherever this might be, you’re not likely to care. Confusion is part of daily life for city dwellers. For country dwellers, it’s hardly an issue. This is according to a study from Exeter University. MRI scans reveal that the part of the brain that induces a meditative state lights up when the person is in a rural location.

Despite these, who doesn’t like to explore and feel all the thrills associated with it? Full time travel has its ups and downs, but there’s reason to believe why people are actively pursuing it without regrets.

Looking to live your nomadic dream? Join us at PayPerContent and we’ll help ease you in.

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